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Join Freeline, and you will be at the forefront of pioneering a new form of medicine.

Why Freeline?

It’s an opportunity to shape an extraordinary career. At Freeline, you’ll have the opportunity to work and develop your career in an exciting and innovative biotech environment, creating a totally new form of treatment. And you’ll be part of making our ambitious life-changers vision a reality.

Everyone here, in whatever role, plays a genuine part in making our cutting-edge science and medicine a reality. Everyone has a voice, and every contribution makes a difference. At our heart is innovation combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a shared purpose in making tangible life-changing impact, through the potential of our research and clinical pipeline.

You’re part of a team

You’ll be working alongside highly experienced trailblazers in scientific research, and leaders with proven records in building successful businesses. You’ll also be part of what’s already a diverse, multi-national team of talented people, as we recruit the best in their fields.

Our different groups work closely together. Outside our labs, we prefer open-plan working areas, with collaborative meeting spaces aimed at making connections, stimulating discovery, and cross-pollinating ideas.

What we offer

You’ll want a chance to develop your career, experience and knowledge, with competitive and appropriate compensation, while receiving additional benefits. We believe we offer all three. Plus:

  • The opportunity to work in and advance cutting-edge science, and be part of a new generation of gene therapy medicines,
  • The chance to work with, and learn from, leaders in their fields,
  • The ability to advance your career and learning, through personal development plans, training and coaching programmes.

Excited by our vision? Keen to make your contribution? If you have what it takes to work with the team to make our vision a reality, apply now. And help shape something extraordinary.

We are looking for talented people to join the team