Clinical trials

Our development programmes, including clinical trials, focus on developing safe and efficacious products as quickly as possible.

Freeline is committed to bringing innovative treatments to people living with debilitating diseases. Our development programmes, including clinical trials, focus on developing safe and efficacious products as quickly as possible.

Before bringing new treatments to patients, we must test them to ensure safety and efficacy. This would not be possible without the collaboration of healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics and, of course, the people living with the diseases we aim to treat. Each person plays an invaluable role in making these innovative treatments available.

We conduct all our clinical trials in compliance with international regulations and guidelines, including good clinical practices, and gain approval from national and regional regulatory authorities, as well as local ethics committees and institutional review boards. We always protect the legal rights, integrity and dignity of all clinical trial participants.

The contributions of patients to clinical trials are covered by human rights. These include: the right to free, informed consent to medical and scientific experimentation, access to remedy, access to information, quality of life, the right to privacy.

We have high ethical standards in our clinical studies. These include:

  • We carry out studies only in well-regulated locations, in countries where the medical standards and Independent Ethics Committees (IEC) or Institutional Review Boards (IRB) are adequate and suitably regulated.
  • We obtain all approvals, both scientific and ethical, in accordance with international regulations and guidelines.
  • We ensure patients understand the opportunities and risks of the study. Investigators provide balanced study information and obtain free, informed consent from participants.
  • We process all personal information in accordance with data protection legislation.
  • We continuously monitor study participants to ensure any emerging issues are identified. We report adverse events in accordance with current legislation.
  • We pay only fair honoraria to investigators and research teams for study-related activities.
  • We make study outcomes public, whatever the results, in accordance with international reporting standards.
  • We ensure clinical trial participants can easily access information about their rights and have a grievance process.
  • We conduct our clinical trials in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and the ICH GCP guidelines, the Code of Federal Regulation (US), the CIOMS and the EU Clinical Trials Directive, the Nuremberg Code and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

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Currently active clinical trials: