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At Freeline, our functions are united by the vision to create better lives.

Our functions

Freeline is a fast growing company now with operations in the UK, Germany and the US. Our people and values define us – which means functions do not divide us, but unite to serve our mission to create better lives.  We work as agile teams in a highly interdisciplinary and cross-functioning working environment. These are some of the broad functional areas that the Freeline team works across.


Science is the backbone of Freeline. Our innovative culture stems from decades of research on liver-directed gene therapies. Applying and furthering scientific excellence is exhilarating yet requires perseverance, collaboration and ingenuity towards creative solutions. The Research team at Freeline are constantly pushing the boundaries and innovating to deliver gene therapies that can be truly transformational. These innovations feed into the other Freeline functions, which will ultimately deliver a cutting edge therapy to a patient in need.


Gene therapy development is the complex multifaceted process of bringing a new product to market once a lead candidate has been identified by our Research team. We drive product development through cross-functional teams; which bring together the clinical, CMC/manufacturing, research, regulatory, analytical and commercial elements. Our project and team leaders play pivotal roles to ensure teams integrate the complex elements and navigate the challenges of manufacturing, clinical evaluation and generate the data required for regulators and payors. The members of these teams take responsibility for executing and shaping the overall project delivery.


Manufacturing must deliver a product at a scale and cost that meets the unique needs of the targeted patient group. To meet this challenge, Freeline has invested heavily in developing a commercial scale and quality manufacturing platform. By having the key capabilities in-house, we are able to move rapidly from research and into clinical manufacturing to be ready for commercial supply.

The product is manufactured to scale with strict quality controls and distributed to the relevant locations – such as specialised clinics for rare diseases and hospitals. Effective delivery requires expertise across technical, manufacturing, quality and planning functions. Ensuring we supply the highest quality product to patients, when they expect it, is our highest priority.


Operational excellence is at our core of Freeline for us to be able to translate our ambitious vision into reality.  Our corporate functions are vital to enable our business and make us work effectively and in a compliant manner. The corporate team undertakes important work such Legal, Finance, Tax, HR, IT, Business Development, Strategy, Compliance, Quality Control and Assurance.

People are at the core of everything we do and helping bring the right talent to Freeline and providing opportunities to grow is important to us.  We believe that having the right environment, processes, controls and systems in place is paramount to make work as easy as possible so we can focus on our company mission.

Our Quality Control team works to ensure the initial and final products from manufacturing meet the high standards of quality under GMP for patient safety. The Quality Assurance team reviews the findings of the Quality Control Team, and ensures the findings are aligned with the overall goal and that processes are in place to make this a reality.

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